Meet Pippa Leslie

In my journey as a Certified Trauma Informed Coach / Healer, Mental Health Professional / Teacher, I've witnessed the profound, life-altering impact that comes from uncovering the hidden wounds of trauma and learning to regulate and understand the nervous system. I am so passionate about this work

I have witnessed how much this world needs safe, non judgemental, compassionate spaces to share, heal and grow. I have always strived to provide this for clients and friends. Continuing to heal my own trauma allows me to understand humanity on a much deeper level. This work is so needed.

My mission is to spread and teach this knowledge and wisdom in New Zealand and beyond, creating those safer, more compassionate spaces where individuals and communities can heal and thrive.

From a young age I have always been outgoing, loving, caring and helpful to all. I am always looking for ways to be of service. As my spirituality grew over the last decade I have been on a deep healing journey which in turn helps me to meet clients on a deeper level. As the quote goes ‘we can only meet people as deeply as we have met ourselves’. I work with women on their spiritual path to discover their inner lighthouse and true divine self.

I have always seen the good in others, I turn dark to light wherever I go. I have been described as a beacon of light or a fairy Godmother. In 2022 I emigrated from the UK over to New Zealand. Since I landed in this far away land, my gifts have been deepening and growing. I know my work is important here and I am passionate about assisting others on their spiritual journey in this lifetime. I will hold your hand through it all as you take these vital steps to raising your consciousness and healing your souls.

Through my partnership with The Mental Wellbeing Company, I'm committed to bringing together trauma informed practices and positive psychology to make it accessible to all. As a Certified Trauma Informed Coach through The Mental Wellbeing Company, I’ve completed the ICF and CPD accredited Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching Certification and am part of the Trauma Informed Professional Network, which is the fastest growing community of trauma informed professionals in the world.

This high-level certification has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to deliver transformative workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions that prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of your team, your students or yourself. I am so looking forward to spreading this far and wide.

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My Qualifications

  • Certified Trauma Informed Coach through The Mental Wellbeing Company

  • Completion ICF & CPD Accredited Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching Certification

  • 6 years of experience in coaching, healing, meditation and self development.

  • Trained in Somatic Experiencing, Positive Psychology, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Meditation, Inner Child Healing, Reiki and more.

  • Passionate about creating trauma informed schools, workplaces, and communities,

Meet The CEO & Founder of The Mental Wellbeing Company

Caroline Strawson is a globally recognised Mental Health and Nervous System Educator, Therapist, and Coach.

She is on a mission to revolutionise mental health education.

After hitting rock bottom in her own life due to experiencing domestic abuse, being left in over £70,000/$85,0000 worth of debt and being made homeless, Caroline combined her medical background with a drive and determination to overcome her own mental health challenges and rebuilt herself through nervous system healing, deep trauma work and positive psychology.

Now, she's dedicated to sharing these life-changing tools with the world.

"As a survivor of trauma myself, I know firsthand the impact it can have on every aspect of life.

My journey of healing and resilience inspired me to dedicate my career to helping others navigate their own path to wellbeing.

Through my work as a Trauma-Informed Coach and Therapist, I've seen the transformative power of understanding trauma and the nervous system. It's my mission to make this knowledge accessible to all, creating a ripple effect of healing across generations. When we heal ourselves, we heal the next generation" 

- Caroline Strawson

Caroline’s Qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) ​Post Grad Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

  • Brainspotting Phase 4 ​

  • Internal Family Systems Level 3

  • Trauma Informed Coach (ICF & CPD) ​

  • Certified High Performance Coach

  • Accredited Divorce & Breakup Coach ​

  • EMDR (Attachment-Focused)

  • Practitioner ​Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Hypnotherapy Trainer

  • ​Certified Breathwork Teacher

  • Cold Water Therapy Practitioner ​

  • Polyvagal Informed ​Advanced Certificate in Domestic Abuse ​

  • Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner

  • Forbes Coaches Council


215,000+ Followers


58,000+ Followers


2 Million + Views

Hay House Author 

Caroline is the author of 3 best-selling books, including the #1 bestselling book, ‘Divorce Became My Superpower” and she is a Hay House author.

Trauma & Narcissism Redefined Podcast

Caroline hosts the #1 iTunes Podcast ‘Trauma & Narcissism Redefined Podcast', providing the community with additional tangible tools and techniques to help them on their recovery journey with over 5 million downloads.

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Healing is not a destination, but as your journey unfolds and you heal yourself, you heal the next generation, too.